Patentanwältin Dr. Anke Rückert Düsseldorfer Str. 30 D-10707 Berlin Tel. +49 30 88 77 48 18
Patentanwältin Dr. Anke RückertDüsseldorfer Str. 30D-10707 BerlinTel.  +49 30 88 77 48

Anke Rückert


German Patent Attorney

European Patent Attorney

European Trademark and Design Attorney

PhD in Natural Sciences 

Qualified chemist 


Anke Rückert is a qualified chemist and has a PhD from the Technical University of Berlin, awarded for the development of new metathesis reactions and their use for the synthesis of natural products in the field of organic chemistry.


She worked for one year at the pharmaceutical industry in the field of oncology in Germany, where she was responsible for the development of new drugs.


Since 2001, she works in the field of intellectual property. She was trained as a Patent Attorney in an internationally operating intellectual property law firm in Germany, at the German Patent and Trademark Office and the Federal Patent Court. Afterwards she founded the Office Dr. Rückert.


She works in the field of chemistry and has particular expertise in organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, medical chemistry, cosmetics, pharmaceutical chemistry, food chemistry, drugs, and inorganic chemistry.


She speaks fluently German, French and English.



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